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Wrapping Up My Project: Week Four

I am currently in a business apprenticeship program called Praxis. I will create and build a month-long project as part of the program. I have chosen to focus my project on marketing and advertisement metrics. I plan on also experimenting with different advertisement platforms and recording the metrics for those ads.

I am working on wrapping up my project this week and finishing all the details. I want to ensure that my final project is cohesive and represents the skills I’ve gained through completing this project.

Creating my landing page

I created a cohesive landing page for my project to wrap everything together and make my work look professional. I used Wix for my personal website and added my landing page on the menu bar. I was able to design the landing page through the website editor and add all of my pieces of documentation.

My goals for designing my landing page were simplicity and organization. Minimalism was my goal. I wanted my project to be easily skimmable and all of my pieces of documentation to be easily accessible.

You can access my landing page here.

How did I do?

Success is defined as the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. By working on my project, I set out to gain a new set of skills and learn more about successful marketing strategies. I did not receive any sales or revenue from my ads, however, I still proved I could use advertising platforms, design advertisements, and analyze data from the ad sets. In this way, my project was successful.

Here are some tips I would give myself if I were to do this project over again:

  1. Target a specific audience with ads

Targeting a specific audience can improve clickthrough by advertising to people who are more likely to be interested in your product. This improves efficiency and raised the success rate of an ad.

2. Focus on SEO

Focusing on SEO can also improve searchability and make your link more accessible to customers. For instance, utilizing keywords improves SEO and allows your site to be clicked on more easily, driving customer traffic.

3. Improve social media presence

Another great way to market your listing is to create a social media platform with links to your site. Social media allows customers to be interested and invested in your band. A strong social media presence drives customer traffics and increases sales.

Overall, I am really excited about the skills I've gained through this project and I’m looking forward to continuing to expand my knowledge of marketing and design.

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