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Unblock Your Creativity by Embracing Positivity

“Creativity is seeing what others see and thinking what no one else ever thought." - Albert Einstein

Creativity opens the mind. It allows you to see information in a different way. Creativity enhances the human experience by allowing us to see many perspectives at one time. This makes finding solutions much easier. Creativity makes problems solving more efficient. Being creative may seem like something that is only important for artists, but it is actually a very useful skill for everyone to have and use.

I am the artist of over 50 pieces of multimedia art. Unblocking my creative side has not only helped me create beautiful pieces but has also allowed me to apply creativity to my professional life. Creativity has enabled me to come up with solutions, solve problems, and think outside the box.

Here’s how to stop negative self-talk and self-binding thoughts to unblock your creativity.

Journal every day

Journaling is a practice that I do every morning. It may seem unnecessary, but journaling actually has many benefits. Dumping all your thoughts on a page can help unblock and unravel negative cycles at the beginning of the day. It helps you get on the right track. I journal my stream of consciousness for three pages every morning. It doesn't have to be perfect. Nobody else will read it. It is just for me.

Purge negative self-talk

Negativity kills creativity. The thing that blocks us from being creative is negative self-talk. This can look like this:

  • “That's a childish/silly idea.”

  • “Nobody would ever like that.”

  • “I'm stupid and can’t come up with anything good.”

This negative self-talk is common for everyone to experience. It is important to purge it in the morning. Write down these negative thoughts to unblock creativity and replace them with positive affirmations.

Embrace positivity

Positive affirmations can work in the opposite way that negative thoughts do. Once I have purged all my negative thoughts, I write down positive affirmations. These can look like:

  • “I am excellent.”

  • “I am creative.”

  • “I will accomplish anything I put my mind to.”

These may sound silly. They may sound excessive. However, they can do wonders for feeling confident and embracing creativity. By replacing negative thoughts with positive affirmations, you allow your creative side to shine through.

Be open to change

Perfectionism can have a death grip on creativity. Having a plan is vital for reaching your goals; however, flexibility is also important due to goals changing. There can be a lot of negative thoughts around change. Most of us struggle with perfectionism around our goals. Having a general plan is a good idea, but sometimes plans change.

When I start a painting, I have an outline and a basic idea of how I want the painting to look. I take one brushstroke at a time. My finished product is often slightly different than my original goal. By letting go of my perfectionism, I am able to be flexible in my creativity.

Embrace your creative side

Unblocking my creative side has been a journey, but, by following these tips, I have been able to purge most of my negative self-talk and unblock my creative side.

To recap, here are the ways I unblock my creativity and fight against negative self-talk:

  • Journal every morning

  • Write down negative self-talk

  • Write down positive affirmations

  • Be flexible and open to change

Try these tips and see how much it helps your creativity flow!

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