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Setting Up My Etsy Store: Week One Update

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

I’m excited to work on a project I’ve always wanted to do; I am building my own Etsy store from the ground up.

I am currently in a business apprenticeship program called Praxis. I will be creating and building a month-long project as part of the program. I have chosen to focus my project on marketing and advertisement metrics. I plan on also experimenting with different advertisement platforms and recording the metrics for those ads.

I’ve broken my project into bite-sized tasks for this month. This week I tackled building my Etsy store. Here is my week one update.

The Planning

The first part of the project is coming up with a solid idea. I knew I wanted this project to be something that would impress a hiring manager since I would potentially be showing the final project to companies to get hired.

I also wanted my project to be something I was passionate about. I’ve always been interested in advertising and SEO and I knew I wanted to focus on the project of my marketing skills.

I finally decided I would run advertisements for my very own Etsy shop. I could compare the metrics of the ad campaigns and learn about marketing firsthand. I’ve always wanted to start my own Etsy store so I was killing two birds with one stone.

I wrote up an outline for my project with details on what I wanted to get done and when to get it done. I was then able to implement my outline into my project management system.

These were my objectives for my project:

  • Focus on Marketing and comparing advertisement metrics

  • Create an Etsy store with uniquely designed products

  • Run ad campaigns on Meta, Pinterest, and Etsy

  • Use SEO to leverage ads and searches

  • Compare the metrics of each ad

  • Create value by compiling knowledge of what makes a successful ad and understanding SEO

What I accomplished this week:

  • I created a solid project outline to plan out every aspect of my project and organize the tasks I needed to complete for my project. My project outline contained my objective for the project, videos I wanted to record, blog posts I wanted to write, and any other documentation I needed to compile.

  • I took pictures of each of the clothing items I wanted to sell in my shop. I made sure that the lighting was good so that the pictures were visually appealing. I used a photo editing app to cut out the background of each picture so that the clothing items looked more professional.

  • I designed two shirt logos on Cava. I wanted these designs to be easily transferable and visually appealing for customers. I saved my two designs and uploaded them to a site called Printful. On Printful, I can create mockups of my design and directly add the clothing items to my Esty store.

  • Once I finished taking pictures of my products, I uploaded them to my Etsy account. I filled out each listing description, title, and item details to optimize my SEO. I also filled out the shipping details and applied the return policy.

  • I created a task management system so I can stay on track with my goals and complete all aspects of my project. I used Asana for my task and Google Calendar for my time management. If you want to read more about my task management system click here.

Final thoughts

Here are some skills I’ve learned so far while planning and executing this project:

  • Time management/project planning

  • SEO (for listings on Etsy shop)

  • Creative design

Next week I want to focus more on staying organized. One thing that kept me back this week was not knowing what I wanted to do and not executing a plan. Now that I have a solid project outline, I will follow that plan for the next three weeks.

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