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I Recorded and Designed a Spotify Ad for Discz

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

I love music. I recently discovered an app called Discz that allows me to find new tracks and artists from any genre. I was excited to learn about this platform because there aren't very many other social media platforms that allow you to connect through music. I downloaded the app and love using it to find new music.

Discz pushed the future of music and consumer tech by allowing users to easily swipe through samples of new songs. Discz makes finding new music easy by allowing users to add new songs that will connect directly with their Spotify playlist of choice. Users can connect and follow other accounts with similar music tastes. The platform is easy to use and makes music discovery a breeze.

Marketing Discz to new users

I noticed that one issue with Discz is that there isn't a whole lot of advertisement or publicity on social media. Their Instagram account only has one post and there isn't a lot of information on their webpage. Having more outreach on social media will allow Discz to gain more downloads and publicity. Advertising the platform is a surefire way to gain more downloads. I decided to create an ad on Spotify so more people can download the app.

Why Spotify?

I want my ad to reach music listeners on Spotify. Spotify is globally the most popular music streaming service. My target audience would be other music-listeners. Since Discz allows you to connect your Spotify account, Spotify is the best platform to advertise on. By advertising to Spotify users, Discz will be able to directly reach its targeted audience. With more outreach to a vast audience, Discz would be able to gain more downloads.

How I created the ad

Spotify advertising allows you to choose whether you want a video or audio ad. I chose to create my own audio ad by uploading visual and audio files. I created a visual ad on Canva and uploaded it to Spotify ad studio. I used the Discz brand colors and a CTA for listeners to discover new music and download the app.

I created the ad to target people all over the US. I ensured that my ad would be viewed by all genders and for people of all ages 13-65+. There is an option to target listeners of specific interests, music genres, and real-time contexts. I chose to have no additional targeting and keep it open to a vast audience.

I recorded the audio file for the ad on Garageband and converted it to an MP3. I wrote a script with a CTA to download the app.

Here is the audio file uploaded to SoundCloud:

The script:

Want to discover new music?

Now to can swipe through tracks on Discz!

Swipe right to save a track to your Spotify playlist or swipe left to skip.

It’s like a dating app for music!

Explore new music that you love by downloading the app today!

Watch me create the Spotify ad here:

Key takeaways for advertising:

Always have a CTA (call to action)

The purpose of your ad has to be crystal clear for your audience. By making a simple and easy-to-understand CTA, customers are much more likely to interact with the advertisement. In my example, I wanted people to download the Discz app, so a built my ad with a specific CTA to download the app.

Target the right audience

It is important to remember your audience and who you want to advertise to. When finding the right audience, it is important to know the interests and demographic of your customers. In my case, I knew that Discz is an app geared toward music listeners, so I chose to advertise on a platform that has a vast pool of people streaming music.

By creating a strong marketing plan, Discz can gain more downloads and publicity. Ultimately, marketing is all about reaching the right audience with the right message. Discz has the potential to change the future of media and music discovery. I’m excited to see how they continue to change lives through music.

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