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I Drove Business To My Etsy Shop By Experimenting with Different Ad Campaigns

Welcome to my project landing page!


During the month of March 2023, I built my very own Etsy shop from scratch. I also created several ad campaigns on Facebook, Pinterest, and Etsy to drive in customers and market my products. Read more to learn about my process and the skills I learned.

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About my Project and My Goals

My shop sells apparel that I handmade myself or digitally designed through Printful. I learned many skills through this project that includes:


  • Project management

  • Digital marketing (Facebook Ads and Pinterest Ads)

  • Writing

  • Creative design

  • Branding

  • SEO


The goals of my project were to focus on marketing and comparing metrics of advertisement campaigns. I wanted to pinpoint what makes an ad successful and how to best drive customers to my site. This included learning how to run ad campaigns on three different platforms and utilizing SEO to leverage ads and drive more traffic.

Project Outline:

Week One Project Update Outline: This week I learn how to set up my project and build the inner workings of my Etsy shop.

Week Two Project Update and Marketing Strategy: This week I design my advertisements and learn how to document my process.

Week Three Project Update and Analysing Ad Metrics: This week I record and analyze the ad campaign that I run and pinpoint improvements I would have made.

Week Four Project Update: This week I wrapped up my project and made some final notes.

Check Out What I Did:

Tech Tools:

Project Overview

I focused my project on marketing and digital advertising. I built my own functional Etsy shop with uniquely designed products. I designed ad visuals on Canva and created advertisement campaigns on Facebook, Pinterest, and Etsy. I learned how to use SEO and keywords to leverage my ads and searches. I created value by compiling knowledge of what makes a successful ad and an understanding of SEO.

Why I did This Project

  1. To learn more about advertisement and SEO

  2. To refine my writing and teaching skills

  3. Learn how to organize and manage time

What Would I Have Done Differently?

In every project, you are bound to run into some struggles along the way. Through the process of creating and documenting this project, I did encounter some bumps in the road. Here are a few issues I ran into and how I would solve them.


I didn’t receive any sales through my advertisements. A few of my ads received hundreds of views and up to 59 interactions, but unfortunately, I spend more money than I earned. If I were to re-run my ad campaigns, I would have utilized keywords and SEO to gain more impressions.


I learned how to manage my time. Time management is crucial in completing a project. I definitely struggled with organizing my tasks at the beginning of the month. Through my process, I learned how to utilize tools like Asana and Google Calendar to keep on track and complete my work.


My brand didn’t have a strong online presence. Having a social media following can aid in understanding your customers. Because I started my shop from scratch, I didn’t have enough data to understand my target audience. If I were to re-run my ad campaigns, I would first create a stronger online presence for my brand. This would create allow me to target my ads and drive customers to my shop.

Concluding Thoughts

I’m thrilled with the skills I've gained through this project. Although my Etsy shop did not sell out, I expanded my knowledge of marketing, advertising, and design. I was able to use my project to learn more about successful advertising. Overall, my project has been a huge success and I’m excited to see how I can continue to improve and add to it.

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