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Naomi McDonald is currently in the Praxis Apprenticeship program working on her sales, marketing, and business skills. She has five younger siblings who have taught her valuable skills in patience and in staying composed in the midst of chaos. 


She has been heavily involved with competitive swimming since the age of six. She has practiced with the senior group of Huntsville Swim Association alongside many teammates who later went to National meets and Olympic Trials. She has been the head coach for RCSL’s Mountain Springs Swim Team for two years and brought her team from competing in B league to competing in A league.


Naomi is an aspiring artist and works on digital, paint, multimedia, and fashion projects. She has several of the most recent projects on her Instagram and TikTok accounts. She has completed several commissions for friends and family.


Her passion for teaching, swimming, art, and customer service has led her to hold positions as a lifeguard manager, head coach, Publix grocery clerk, and Starbucks barista. Her experience in these fields has equipped her with leadership, and teamwork skills as well as meticulous diligence and hard work.

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